Our Facility Managament Software

processes >1 million meetings per year

Our Property Management Software

stores information about 254.000 buildings

Our Facility Management Software

is used by >200.000 people on a daily basis

Higher efficiency and service levels; always and everywhere

Embrace chaos and provide structure

Manage your processes via efficient workflows:
everything you need in one system

Easy to use

Our intuitive user interface makes our product easy to use for everyone in your organization. On desktop, tablet and mobile.


Tailor everything to the needs of your company. From workflow to look and feel. No matter how complex you want it, we’ll make it happen.


Never worry about backups or product updates. Everything is cloud-based and fully automated.

Discover Axxerion

Facility management

Make better management decisions based on the best-possible insight, save on costs and bring your hospitality to the next level.

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Property management

Manage the interests of your stakeholders using real-time information on all the properties. Increase returns and comfort for property owners and tenants.

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Supplier of structure since 2004







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    Office Manager

    Evy Broeders, Office Manager

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    Consultant Customer Support

    Jelle Roelofs, Consultant Customer Support

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    Sales office

    Saskia Hoogakker,  Sales office

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