Our culture

At Axxerion we have no complicated company structures. A sense of humor, taking pleasure in our work and professionalism are essential ingredients as far as we are concerned. We are honest and direct, which creates an open corporate culture. Axxerion is growing very fast and for this reason we are always on the lookout for congenial colleagues.


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What we stand for

Team spirit
We work in teams a great deal; reciprocal trust and open communication are crucial to this. We owe our success to our employees and consequently place great emphasis on loyalty.

Open culture
We believe that openness on the workfloor creates a better working atmosphere and better service. We may sell software but we focus on people. Open communication between managers and our employees is therefore very highly valued.

Software and people
Without people there is no software. Our users build a relationship with our software because they use it every day. We want this relationship to be the best possible: our people make it happen.

No Nonsense
Our working style is informal. Communication lines are short at Axxerion and we speak clearly.

Work is fun
Anyone who sets to work with pleasure will experience less pressure and stress. Our absence rates prove that this strategy works.

Knowing our own limitations
Obviously, we are happy to listen to our customers’ wishes, but we are stubborn enough to say so if we do not agree with them.

We are looking for

  • Erik Brakkee

    Software architect

    Erik Brakkee,  Software architect

  • Joey Waterschoot

    Software developer

    Joey Waterschoot,  Software developer

  • Evy Broeders

    Office Manager

    Evy Broeders, Office Manager

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