Axxerion became a partner last month in the ‘Building Blocks for Social’ platform.

Building Blocks is a sector-connecting platform of and for managers, property managers, professionals and users of social real estate. The Netherlands has around 83.5 million m² of social real estate. This is more than all offices and shops together. Many themes play a role in social real estate, such as cutbacks, better utilisation, better quality of the buildings and higher social and financial returns.

This platform shares all the available knowledge on such topics. Building Blocks facilitates finding information, connecting people and improving and developing everything relating to the current issues.

Building Blocks is also independent and entrepreneurial. The VNG, PO-Raad, Aedes and Sociaal Werk Nederland have linked their names to Building Blocks, while a number of other

Axxerion looks forward to contributing actively to this network of professionals. We also hope to be able to inform and enthuse people about the possibilities and advantages of a suitable software system.

Putting innovations alongside practice is where our knowledge and strength lie! For more information about Building Blocks, please visit