On 1 November 2018, the seventh award ceremony of Main Software 50 took place, the renowned ranking of the 50 most successful Dutch software companies. Axxerion rose from 29th place to a fine 17th position.

The Main Software 50 ranking is objectively drawn up and is audited by Dialogic, an independent ICT research bureau. The ranking is based on the following 5 objective criteria for success:
1. revenue size
2. revenue growth (%)
3. percentage of international turnover (%)
4. percentage of partner turnover (%)
5. profitability

Based on these factors, each participating company receives a total score to be included in the Main Software 50.
As in previous years, the Main Software 50 aims to highlight the 50 most successful Dutch software companies and raise the profile of the sector itself. We obviously support this goal and are proud of our position in the ranking.