Danone Nutricia Research

Danone supplies healthy food products in over 130 countries across five continents. Danone is a Fortune Global 500 company and has nearly 2,000 employees in the Netherlands and 100,000 globally.

It’s great to see how everyone visibly profits from our FMIS.

Rebecca de Klerck, Hospitality Manager

How Danone Nutricia Research uses Axxerion

Danone uses Axxerion for reserving rooms and catering, complaints, wishes, requests for information and breakdown notifications and registering visitors and parking spaces. We also use the contract management module (lease contracts, maintenance contracts for properties but also laboratory equipment). Hotel reservations for partners are also made via Axxerion.

Why Danone Nutricia Research chose Axxerion

Hospitality is very important to Danone’s R&D centre. The many different guests naturally have widely-ranging requirements. Software which matches this service provision is very important. A system that can grow with us was also essential, as was a web-based solution so that everyone is always kept up-to-date.

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