Gemeente Tilburg

The municipality of Tilburg is a modern, innovative organization with over 1,800 FTE.

The flexible dashboards depict our management information in a compact and efficient manner.

Frans van Broekhoven, Senior Application Manager

How Gemeente Tilburg uses Axxerion

Axxerion assists us in managing and maintaining hundreds of properties. Maintenance activities are carried out and recorded using the multi-year maintenance plan. A link has been made to the ERP system to exchange data. A module has also been set up for fire safety. This embraces two aspects: a check-up on mandatory property documents, such as certificates and maintenance reports, and the management of periodic maintenance plans in order to guarantee the validity of these documents. The system automatically tells us in good time what action needs to be undertaken. Rental contracts can also be monitored in this way.

Why Gemeente Tilburg chose Axxerion

The system’s flexibility means that it is a solid and complete system. Functionalities are added regularly. The management information is depicted clearly, creating a permanent overview.

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