Kwintes supports people with psychiatric or psycho-social problems. This might be people who are homeless, victims of domestic violence or people who need support in several areas. Kwintes has 1,700 employees, 120 trainees and 350 volunteers.

With the help of Axxerion, we have finally been able to register everything in a single location.

Rienk Buter, Property Manager

How Kwintes uses Axxerion

Care is provided out of 160 properties. Axxerion is used to manage the properties. A solid basic registration system, the structure of the database and letting records are housed in the software. Day-to-day maintenance, property occupancy rates, key management, fire prevention and legionnaire’s management are other modules that we use.

Why Kwintes chose Axxerion

Current decision-making relating to the division of home and care means that a flexible software package is essential. Everything is registered in a single location. This means that we no longer experience maintenance problems at our many locations. Communications have improved and the mobile apps containing the Axxerion applications create a clear overview.

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