Menzis is a nationally-operating health insurance company with strong roots in the northern, eastern and central Netherlands. It employs over 2,000 people. IT plays a major role in the changing healthcare sector.

Adrienne van Efferen, Team Manager Facility Services

How Menzis uses Axxerion

Our centralized service desk has used Axxerion for over ten years. When our employees wish to reserve a meeting room, for example, they can do so easily via the intranet. It’s also handy that our employees can quickly obtain relevant information and send notifications via the software.

Why Menzis chose Axxerion

Our service desk wanted to be more flexible. Before we used Axxerion, manual approval was required for notifications or reservations. Since we automated our processes (workflows), they are much easier to use and we work more efficiently. In fact, a few years ago Menzis won the prize for ‘Best Facility Service Desk’.

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