Viva! Zorggroep

ViVa! Zorggroep and its more than 4,000 motivated employees provide professional healthcare in the Kennemerland, Zaanstreek-Waterland and North Holland North areas.

We experience Axxerion as a very complete and accessible system. The Axxerion consultants are pro-active and ask lots of questions. This meant we could foresee potential problems and work out how to avoid them.

Barry Verkissen, purchaser at ViVa! Zorggroep

How Viva! Zorggroep uses Axxerion

Thanks to Axxerion all notifications are organized centrally via a single point of contact. Use is also made of the contract, reservations and purchasing modules. Webshop links have been created with as many suppliers as possible.

Why Viva! Zorggroep chose Axxerion

ViVa! is constantly expanding to include more functionalities. The best practice solution means that we have taken many standard modules into use, but projects have been initiated and successfully completed for specific wishes. The process-based modus operandi, transparency and customer-oriented structure are the benefits for ViVa!.

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