VolkerRail and its 1,100 employees work out of locations around the Netherlands to ensure the availability and reliability of public and industrial infrastructure.

When I think of Axxerion, one aspect immediately springs to mind: the lifting of many burdens!

Dennis Staakman, Facility Manager

How VolkerRail uses Axxerion

Axxerion is used as a Staakman IT solution for the service desk. The process for dealing with complaints, wishes, requests for information and breakdowns has now been streamlined. The reservations module is accessible to everyone via a link on the intranet.

Why VolkerRail chose Axxerion

VolkerRail was looking for an application which wouldn’t cause problems in technical terms. The complaints, wishes, requests for information and breakdowns process needed to be made more efficient and this has been achieved with the help of Axxerion. The intranet link ensures that the reception and secretariat no longer need an intermediary to make reservations.

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