Waterschap Rivierenland

Waterschap Rivierenland is een overheidsorganisatie en zorgt voor het waterbeheer in het rivierengebied. Met ongeveer 700 medewerkers beheert het Waterschap 201.000 hectare aan werkgebied, waar 38 gemeenten deel van uitmaken en in totaal bijna 1 miljoen mensen wonen.

The company’s guidance during implementation was perfect. Contacts with Axxerion are sincere and they really think along with us. Arguments in terms of content are of course important when it comes to selecting software, but you also need to click with your supplier.

Arjen de Boer, Application Management Team Leader

How Waterschap Rivierenland uses Axxerion

Waterschap Rivierenland uses the complaints, wishes, requests for information, breakdowns, purchase notifications, invitations to tender and catering modules. This all works via the intranet. Work orders and vehicle reservations can also be dealt with and managed via the intranet. Axxerion is also connected to HR; a process is automatically initiated when an employee joins or leaves the company.

Why Waterschap Rivierenland chose Axxerion

The multiple procedures, work processes and tasks are managed perfectly via the workflows. The cost of the software is clear and implementation can be conducted in phases.

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