Heteren/Volendam, November 2018 – Axxerion and Changeblue have announced a collaboration agreement.

Changeblue delivers a new ERP system specifically for the housing corporation sector: Corpomanager. This total solution for housing corporations is based on the Axxerion platform and has the same powerful features. Corpomanager is a user friendly, 100% SaaS solution. It is also a modular solution, so ideal for supporting processes and subprocesses of housing corporations. This makes it quick and easy to start with Corpomanager, by implementing the Contract Management module, for example. This solution supports the efficient and professional management of purchase & maintenance contracts. Other modules integrated in Corpomanager can easily be added at a later stage.

Founder Jack Jonk from Changeblue: ‘We launched Changeblue because we believe that the housing corporation sector is ready for the new generation of ERP solutions and the related services. We are super enthusiastic about this partnership because housing corporations can now access a powerful 100% SaaS ERP solution. In the Netherlands, more than 400 organisations work on the Axxerion platform, including 10 housing corporations. More than 250,000 properties are being managed and there are over 200,000 registered users. We are ready to implement our solution at more housing corporations.’

Herman de Jonge, CEO at Axxerion explains: ‘We are delighted with our new partner Changeblue. In recent months, we have worked together intensively and got to know each other well. Changeblue has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the housing corporation market. We couldn’t wish for a better partner for this dynamic market.’

About Changeblue

Changeblue is an innovative young company with nearly 40 years’ experience in the Housing Corporation sector. With Corpomanager, Changeblue wants to create a positive change in this sector. They stand for fair prices and the best customer experience in the purchase, implementation and use of ERP software. Visit www.changeblue.nl for more information about Changeblue and Corpomanager. On the website, you can also read how Changeblue is keen to build on the future along with housing corporations

About Axxerion

Axxerion is one of the major players in the field of cloud-based software for Property and Facility Management, with hundreds of clients and hundreds of thousands of registered end users. Axxerion products are used to optimise the processes in the operational aspects of facility management, asset and maintenance management, property management and contract management.

Axxerion software is built as a scalable multi-tenant SaaS platform, and comes with the necessary security and accreditations. Its software offers a wide range of functionalities, which are used in various sectors.