Axxerion and Plandatis are pleased to announce that Plandatis became part of the Axxerion Group at the beginning of September 2018. The merger of these organisations creates a company specialising in cloud-based solutions for property and facility management, which has more than 100 employees and more than 1,500 clients.

Since 2016, Main Capital has been helping the Axxerion Group to expand its strong growth, both domestically and abroad. Axxerion has since developed a network of partners in the United States, Germany, Belgium and Poland. The partner network has grown considerably in the Netherlands too this year. Expanding the partner network further is an important part of the growth strategy.

About Axxerion

Axxerion is one of the major players in the field of cloud-based software for facility and property management, with hundreds of clients and hundreds of thousands of registered end users. Axxerion products are used to optimise the processes in the operational aspects of facility management, asset and maintenance management, property management and contract management. Axxerion software is built as a scalable multi-tenant SaaS platform, and comes with the necessary security and accreditations. Its software offers a wide range of functionalities that the various sectors use. Axxerion has an attractive and flexible pricing model (pay-per-use) that allows customers to add or expand modules easily, making the software suitable for both small and large organisations.

About Plandatis

Plandatis is a leading software company based in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, with more than 1,200 clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Curaçao, which develops the O-Prognosis, Safety Register and EPAview software products. Proven technical software solutions for sustainable scheduled maintenance, monitoring of laws and regulations for technical installations and the management of energy indexes for your property. The software distinguishes itself thanks to its user-friendly interface, and pragmatic and generic functionalities. Exchanging data is very simple and the software is suitable for the technical management of offices, hospitals or educational buildings through to houses, monuments or industrial buildings. The Plandatis product range expands Axxerion’s property software and facility management information system range considerably.

Herman de Jonge (Managing Director of Axxerion) had this to say:

‘Axxerion has built up a strong position in the FMIS and property market over the past 14 years. Plandatis has a portfolio that is in keeping with our products, so we can offer the market an even more comprehensive solution. We are enthusiastic about the cooperation with Plandatis and look forward to continuing to build our products and services together.’


Olaf Zernitz (Managing Director Plandatis) recounted:

‘Plandatis has experienced strong growth domestically and internationally in recent years with the development, sales and implementation of its products. Joining Axxerion means that we can strengthen our position in the market and expand where possible. We are confident about the future and the unique opportunity to position O-Prognosis as an independent product in the market and as an integrated solution with Axxerion.’