Timesheet Management

Managing and automating timesheets: from submission to approval and from charging on costs to sending invoices. Comprehensive accounting records provide a clear overview.

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Key features


Automatic generation

Individual timesheets are automatically generated each week. These contain the tasks for which the person or company in question can claim hours. On submission, these are immediately checked against the total number of hours per week.

Approval and budgeting

You decide who is authorized to approve timesheets. Once this has been done, the hours worked are entered as costs and revenue in the budget. Account is taken of the hours worked, holidays and absence due to illness. A progress percentage is calculated based on this information.


Following approval of the timesheets, invoices can be generated automatically. This can be done based on the number of hours worked or the progress percentage.

To automate you first need to organize

That's not all

Organize the basics

Areas and spaces, contracts, inventories or parking spaces. A single convenient location for everything that matters.

Streamline workflows

Manage your processes via efficient automated workflows.

Optimize and improve

Make the right decisions based on real-time insight into relevant information.

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