Customer relationship management

Central management of contact details for your customers, suppliers, partners, employees etc.

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Key features


Contact information

Contact details are managed centrally, leading to amendments only needing to be inputted in a single location.


Users can keep track of all available forms of interaction: phone conversations, letters, reports on visits and meeting minutes. You can follow up on issues in good time with the aid of tasks.

Generate quotations

Users can generate simple quotations, send them by email and evaluate the status of online quotations. By completing any workflows yourself, you can ensure that the quotation process proceeds in a consistent and structured manner.

When I think of Axxerion, one aspect immediately springs to mind: the lifting of many burdens!

Dennis Staakman

Facilitair Manager at VolkerRail

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Manage quotations

Users can manage leads and monitor turnover, probability, decision periods and any commissions. This management information allows you to streamline the sales process.

Lists, advertising and surveys

Users can save contacts in different lists. You can then use these to send periodic newsletters, for instance, or to print labels or send surveys.

Once the basic elements are in place, a world of options opens up to you.

That's not all

Organize the basics

Areas and spaces, contracts, inventories or parking spaces. A single convenient location for everything that matters.

Streamline workflows

Manage your processes via efficient automated workflows.

Optimize and improve

Make the right decisions based on real-time insight into relevant information.

  • Jan van Rabenswaaij

    Account manager

    Jan van Rabenswaaij, Account manager

  • Patricia Blankespoor


    Patricia Blankespoor, Consultant

  • Bobby van ter Beek


    Bobby van ter Beek, Consultant

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