GIS integration

Axxerion offers a GIS integration module that enables you to manage property locations and analyze geographic coverage.

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Key features


Thematic mapping

Parcels and property markers can be colored based on a color scheme. You can define colors based on different parameters such as ownership, market value or occupancy rate.

Graphic navigation

You can quickly find a property on the map using the pan and zoom options. When you point at a property, a window with key information is displayed. When you click on the symbol the property data sheet is opened.

Selecting maps

Google Maps and ESRI ArcGIS are supported as map providers. These maps are free of charge; no additional license is needed. More detailed maps with demographic data or soil composition can be licensed from map providers.

Once the basic elements are in place, a world of options opens up to you.

That's not all

Organize the basics

Areas and spaces, contracts, inventories or parking spaces. A single convenient location for everything that matters.

Streamline workflows

Manage your processes via efficient automated workflows.

Optimize and improve

Make the right decisions based on real-time insight into relevant information.

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