The ITIL module enables you to fully manage your IT processes.

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Key features


Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

By configuring items you define and manage the components of your infrastructure. You’ll know exactly where everything is, when components were installed and what has changed. You can link the CMDB to e.g. an inventory or users.

(Self) Service Desk Management

Users can report incidents, requests for changes and general requests via a portal with a single sign-on functionality.

Incident management

Reported incidents can automatically be allocated to an ‘executing’ group and if necessary escalated to a higher level. SLAs can of course be monitored automatically.

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Problem management

The impact of problems is minimized by building a database containing known problems, solutions or alternative solutions. Problem analysis can lead to preventive measures being taken.

Change management

Describing, approving and documenting changes in a structured manner enables you to analyze the different configuration items. Changes can be made immediately or from within an incident.

Release management

Axxerion helps you to schedule changes. You will be able to see when releases are planned, which configuration items are involved and what will change.

Once the basic elements are in place, a world of options opens up to you.

That's not all

Organize the basics

Areas and spaces, contracts, inventories or parking spaces. A single convenient location for everything that matters.

Streamline workflows

Manage your processes via efficient automated workflows.

Optimize and improve

Make the right decisions based on real-time insight into relevant information.

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