Customized structure

Manage your processes via efficient automated workflows. From ready-made solutions to unique set-ups; you structure everything as you wish.

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Did you know our customers...

  • handled 800.000 incidents in 2017
  • booked 1 million meetings in 2017
  • started a total of 3 million workflows in 2017

Fully flexible

We have many best practice solutions that are easy for you to adopt. Specific processes can also be fully customized. The software adapts to your company, not the other way around.


Many processes are used by different people within the company. We ensure that everyone can manage them. For this reason, our software is suitable for any type of screen.

Your brand identity

The look & feel of our software can be adapted to the required brand identity.

The correct insights make processes more efficient

That’s not all

Organize the basics

Areas and spaces, contracts, inventories or parking spaces. A single convenient location for everything that matters.

Streamline workflows

Manage your processes via efficient automated workflows.

Optimize and improve

Make the right decisions based on real-time insight into relevant information.

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