Axxerion and XXelerate have announced a collaboration agreement. Its aim is to guide, advise and support companies in Axxerion implementation.

XXelerate is a young company with a great deal of knowledge and experience, and an extensive network in the software industry. To support our rapid growth, we enter into partnerships alongside our own commitment to meet the needs of our customers.

XXelerate and Axxerion have entered into a partnership to help customers implement Axxerion as facility or property management software. Axxerion offers the software, and XXelerate takes care of the implementation. Naturally, Axxerion will also continue handling implementations itself. The collaboration agreement is in line with Axxerion’s profile, says Herman de Jonge, Axxerion CEO. “We constantly seek out the best service around our software. Implementing it is an important part. Axxerion is innovative and smart, and customers must be able to take full advantage of this. With its broad knowledge, a partner such as XXelerate can provide good advice on the customer’s processes, and then organise them optimally.” Paul van Tol, founder and co-owner of XXelerate: “We are extremely enthusiastic about this partnership between XXelerate and Axxerion. The combination of Axxerion’s strong software and XXelerate’s capacity, knowledge and passion will benefit Axxerion’s customers.”

About XXelerate

XXelerate is a new company with many years of experience in the world of business software and IT services. XXelerate provides a complete portfolio of services around Axxerion, including consultancy, implementation and management. XXelerate consultants have extensive and in-depth knowledge of Axxerion, and are experienced in managing complex processes.

Feel free to click on the XXelerate website for more information.